WP1 Roadmapping and business feasibility

WP Leader: Magnus Hellström, Åbo Akademi University & Rodrigo Rabetino Sabugo, University of Vaasa
Research organizations: Åbo Akademi University & University of Vaasa
Companies: Wärtsilä Finland Oy, AGCO Power Oy, Meyer Turku Oy, Napa Oy
International collaboration partner: University of Agder, Norway

WP1 will develop an understanding of the commercial and environmental requirements and timeline of various clean propulsion technologies. The WP aims at developing a Technology Roadmap for sustainable propulsion technologies (including market drivers and product configurations), which will be explored, iterated, and fully developed in the co-innovation project based on the project results and the inputs from all the work packages as well as different inputs from workshops, Delphi studies, and assessment methods.

WP1 aims to:

  1. Define and narrow down the market needs driving the call for clean propulsion;
  2. Identify products and services needed to meet the market drivers;
  3. Jointly define and narrow down the list of enabling technologies for developing the needed products and services;
  4. Establish Technology Roadmap and R&D direction for a sustainable propulsion ecosystem.

WP1 Tasks & Task Leaders:

1.1 Technology roadmapping (Magnus Hellström, Åbo Akademi University);
1.2 Delphi studies (Rodrigo Rabetino Sabugo, University of Vaasa);
1.3 Life-cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental costing (LCC) (Rodrigo Rabetino Sabugo, University of Vaasa);
1.4 Cost-benefit analysis (Magnus Hellström, Åbo Akademi University).

WP1 Solutions and innovations:

S1. A (Technology) Roadmap for clean propulsion;
S2. Life cycle assessments of selected technologies to understand their GHG reduction potential;
S3. Cost-benefit analyses to understand the economic feasibility of selected CPTs.