The Clean Propulsion Technologies project consortium aims to develop radically new solutions for clean and efficient marine and off-road transport – a Finnish response to tightening emission legislation and growing global competition in these segments. The common goal is to secure the position of global technology leader for the Finnish powertrain industry by creating a common vision and sustainable business solutions.

The research organizations and companies develop the most promising, innovative powertrain technologies for new products. These developments will secure compliance with emission and greenhouse gas regulations in both marine and off-road transport segments by 2035. In the long term, the goal will be achieved by developing a common technological roadmap for both sectors. The roadmap provides a consolidated plan for how to secure this compliance by 2050.

The most significant technological highlights of the expected project results are a groundbreaking medium-speed engine working in fuel-flexible RCCI (Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition) mode and a high speed, hydrogen-fueled engine concept. The research will further focus on developments in advanced aftertreatment, hybrid propulsion technology and predictive powertrain control. The whole package forms an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable business model.

The project content is grouped into five techno-economical WPs (WP1- WP5) and a separate WP0 committed to project management.

WP0 Project management and common dissemination

WP1 Roadmapping and business feasibility

WP2 Virtual sensors and control

WP3 Novel combustion and advanced aftertreatment

WP4 Multiple power source propulsion

WP5 Full scale hybrid technology demo