Clean Propulsion Technologies Conference

The 1st Clean Propulsion Technologies Review meeting was a success!


The 1st Clean Propulsion Technologies Review meeting was held successfully in Vaasa and via Zoom on 2-3 of November. The conference brought together almost 80 project partners to discuss and listen to presentations on project topics. Approximately 55 persons participated in Vaasa and the rest via Zoom. The participants were excited about the first live event of the project and discussion was enthusiastic and lively throughout the conference.

The conference consisted of two plenary sessions, four technical sessions, and guided tours to the VEBIC laboratory.

Plenary sessions had four excellent keynote speakers. On the first day, Esa Lindqvist (Business Finland) brought greetings and remarks from Business Finland and Peter Ståhlberg (Wasaline) gave a presentation about Aurora Botnia – The most environmentally friendly ROPAX in the world. On the second day, Nils-Olof Nylund (VTT) gave his presentation on future energy carrier and technology alternatives for the NRMM sector and Piotr Bielaczyc (Bosmal Automotive Research and Development Institute Ltd) presented global trends in vehicular emissions legislation with a special focus on further stages.

Technical sessions were hosted by the research organizations’ representatives. The sessions consisted of interesting presentations and workshops. The brainstorming and discussions were active and a lot of useful material was produced for the further project activities. The Technical sessions and their topics and hosts are listed below.


Technical session 1. Market drivers for clean propulsion

Organised by Magnus Hellström, ÅAU & Rodrigo Rabetino Sabugo, UVA


Ismo Hämäläinen, AGCO – Demand for clean propulsion in the off-road sector
Mathias Pirttikangas, Meyer Turku – Clean propulsion trends in the cruise industry
Magnus Hellström, ÅAU – Preliminary results from the study on market drivers


Technical session 2. Aftertreatment and aftertreatment control

Organised by Jari Böling, ÅAU & Rasmus Pettinen, VTT


Jan Torrkulla, Wärtsilä – Trends and challenges in Marine SCR and DPF applications
Teuvo Maunula, Dinex – Developing efficient EAT systems for NRMM applications
Ludvig Sandell/Jari Böling, ÅAU –  Estimation of urea dosing
Rasmus Pettinen, VTT – Towards zero emissions in marine and NRMM applications (CPT activities)


Technical session 3. Advanced combustion engine research and combustion control

Organised by Maciej Mikulski, UVA & Petri Söderena, VTT


Jari Hyvönen, Wärtsilä – Advanced combustion research
Saana Hautala & Aneesh Vadusev, UVA – Towards fully predictive engine modeling in CPT
Petri Söderena, VTT – Advanced high speed engine research in CPT


Technical session 4. Mathematical methods in design and operation

Organised by Kai Zenger, Aalto, Kalevi Huhtala, TAU & Jari Böling,  ÅAU


Teemu Manderbacka, NAPA –  Route optimisation for cruise ships
Hindia Mohammed/Eric Lendormy, Wärtsilä – Industrialisation of machine learning techniques – challenges bigger than algorithms
Pasi Peltoniemi, LUT – Mathematical modelling in hybridisation research and development
Hoang Khac Nguyen, Aalto & Amin Modabberian, Aalto – Virtual sensor development using mathematical and neural  network methods

The conference was one of four events in the Clean Propulsion Technologies project. The next event will be held next spring – stay tuned!