Advisory board has been appointed to Clean Propulsion Technologies!


We are proud to announce that the Advisory Board of the Clean Propulsion Technologies project has been appointed. The Advisory Board members are experts that provide added value to our consortium with their knowledge, connections and their vision of the future of propulsion technologies and/or marine and off-road segments. Please meet our Advisory board!

D. Sc. (Tech.) Nils-Olof Nylund
Senior Advisor, VTT
Principal Consultant, TEC TransEnergy Consulting Ltd.

Nils-Olof Nylund has decades of experience in internal combustion engines, alternative fuels, vehicles and transport energy issues. He has a long experience in international and national networking, e.g. consulting various Finnish Ministries and the Commission. He is involved in developing e.g. energy end-use strategies.

Dr. Antonio Garcia Martinez
Professor, CMT-Motores Termicos/ Universitat Politècnica de València

Antonio Garcia Martinez is one of the most established experimentalists in the field of applied RCCI research. At CMT, he has led several groundbreaking projects related to RCCI development. Professor Garcia is a member of several European work groups related to combustion engine development, such as European Energy Agency, where he leads the low temperature combustion panel.

D. Sc. (Tech.) Kimmo Rauma
Vice President, Danfoss Power Solutions

Kimmo Rauma is an experienced CEO and a strong business development professional skilled in software, inverters, control systems design, electric motors, and sales management. He has solid experience in vehicle and vessel electrification and related global business and he constantly has new ideas on how products or businesses can be developed.

Peter Ståhlberg
Managing Director, NLC Ferry /Wasaline

Peter Ståhlberg is an experienced captain and an expert e.g. in technical and nautical management. He is part of important shipping operators in the Baltic Sea and he has good insight into the needs for the shipping sector to cope in the demanding future of increased sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

Dr. Piotr Bielaczyc
Scientific Secretary, BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Institute Ltd

Piotr Bielaczyc has worked for over 20 years as the Head of Engine Research Dept. of BOSMAL and been responsible for over 500 R&D t projects in the field of automotive and off-road transport. He is an expert in development of powertrains for LD and HD vehicles, emissions and CO2 reduction, emissions rules and test methods development