Clean Propulsion Technologies on display at international congress on combustion engines!


The Project Leader of Clean Propulsion Technologies, Maciej Mikulski, will give an invited speech about the project during the IX International Congress on Combustion Engines.

The title of Prof. Dr Mikulski’s presentation is  “Clean Propulsion Technologies –  a Finnish response to tightening emission legislation in marine and off-road segments ”. Prof. Mikulski will introduce our consortium and its ambitions, following with showcasing some key applications that we are developing in individual work packages. This will be the first opportunity for the public to see the bigger picture behind the Clean Propulsion Technologies project and its exciting technological innovations, including next-generation combustion engines, advanced after-treatment, hybrids and predictive powertrain control.

Additionally, the University of Vaasa’s team will also showcase state of art in combustion modelling. Project Researcher Saana Hautala will present a conference paper “Towards a digital-twin of a mid-speed marine engine: From detailed 1D engine model to real-time implementation on a target platform”. The paper is part of the work done in WP3 of the Clean Propulsion Technologies project.

The congress will be held in Lublin, Poland 27th-28th September 2021. The content of the congress includes novelties in the field of construction, testing, manufacturing and maintenance of internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric powertrains, consumables and environmental issues.